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Calacote is a 22-year-old urban Latin artist from the Dominican Republic. He was recently discovered and signed after posting tongue-in-cheek performances of his own music on social media, catching the attention of Dominican artist and urban music producer Maffio who initiated a collaboration. Coming of age between the US, the Dominican Republic, and France; Calacote flavors his dembow, perreo, bachata, and merengue musical roots with bolero, punk rock, French rap, and American hip hop.

It is a playfully provocative sound that feels completely unique, infusing the Dominican music movement with an international flare. His time living in France gave rise to the artist name Calacote, derived from a French street slang expression that means cool or dope, but the name is pronounced with a Spanish accent. Since Calacote started rapping and freestyling in his early teens he’s had the same playful, energetic style he’s gaining attention for today.

In the Dominican Republic baseball and rap are considered fundamental life skills; along with his exposure to American and French culture it shaped his artistic expression. Calacote’s sound has been consistently praised as characteristically his own. He looks to redefine and lead the “nueva ola” of Dominican urban music, making his cultural heritage known and accessible to an international scene.

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